Complete Hosted Phone System
BizYak Introduces No-Contract Pay-As-You-Go Pricing*

BizYak - Your Complete Hosted Phone System

BizYak's no-contract pay-as-you-go pricing* makes it easy to know your marketing results, text job details with two way texting, or just record the calls between your customers and answering service, or technicians. Recordings are stored in your CloudLinkit bucket, logged and linked to customer records. To listen to calls, just go to the customer record and click the call.

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Main Features

Reasons Why You Should Choose BizYak

Outgoing Calls

Record any call you make from anywhere, anytime and automatically link the recording to your customer, jobsite, employee and vendor records. It is easy to set up, no equipment is needed. You don’t have to be using an office phone, and you don’t even have to be logged into JaRay to make the call. The person you are calling gets the caller-id of your office, not the phone you are calling from. It enables you to keep your home

Tech to Customer

Record calls from your mobile workers to your customers. Especially useful if your employee is discussing a proposal or bid with a customer. One number is used per company for all of your mobile workers. The system recognizes the CID of the mobile worker and automatically points the Tech to Customer (T2C) number to the customer that the mobile worker is dispatched to. As with the office outgoing number, the caller ID is displayed for your company, not the cell phone of the mobile worker. The mobile worker just calls the T2C number and doesn’t even need to know the customer’s number.

Keep Your Numbers

If a salesperson quits, your customers should have your number, not your salesperson’s cell phone number. The Sales Person’s number rings the salesperson’s cell phone, your office or answering service when desired. Print the sales person’s “direct�? BizYak number on business cards. All calls to the BizYak number are recorded and logged, regardless where they are pointed.

Tracking Numbers

BizYak enables you to know who calls each tracking number, how many calls are received and how much revenue is generated by each campaign. You can purchase local or toll free BizYak numbers anywhere in North America - even worldwide - and put different phone numbers on every campaign, mailing, website landing pages, and promotional items. This enables you to know which campaigns work and save money by eliminating the ones that aren’t doing any good. Even if you don’t use BizYak for everything, you can set up a number for your answering service or after hours. That way you will have a recording of all of the calls at night for coaching, CYA, and as an aid in inputting jobs.

Listed Numbers

Listed numbers are registered to specific regional directories in the White Pages. It is important to have listed numbers for every regional directory where you do business. Tracking numbers can not be listed in the White Pages directories. Listing name can be anything you want. You don’t have to list the address. Listed numbers are pointed to Tracking Numbers so that they can be logged, associated with revenue generated, and recorded.


Text customers and technicians through the JaRay application and receive replies into the BizYak log. Reduce phone calls to the dispatcher by enabling your technicians to text codes for information, get status updates, clock in or out, and request mobile forms (queued jobs, purchase orders, bid forms, etc.) Automatically text customers photos of drivers and arrival times. All texts are time stamped, logged and can be attached to any JaRay record just like a phone call. Customers can even text photos directly to your dispatchers and CRMs. Your customers and mobile workers can text to any tracking number, but not listed numbers.